Friday, March 28, 2014

Beats in Space mix & 12"

I visited Tim Sweeney´s notorious radio show Beats in Space last tuesday. I played some songs and introduced the next Jaakko Eino Kalevi release what is going to be a 12" with 6 tracks on Beats in Space label. Going to be out late may or june. Here is the mix:

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Many things

First of all, a remix EP called "Dreamzone Remixes" is going to take place on 17th of February. It has songs from my Dreamzone EP remixed by some of my favourite artists of today.
The tracklist looks like this:

1. Memories (Heatsick’s Continental Drift mix)

2. No End (Tom Noble’s Never-Ending Story mix)
3. When You Walk Through Them All (Peaking Lights remix)
4. No End (Vezurro remix)

here is a taster:

At first it will be only digital but hopefully I can release it later on vinyl. Let's see what happens.

I also have some shows coming up:

17 Feb - La Fleche D'Or, Paris

27 Feb-1 Mar - By:Larm (two shows), Oslo

26 April - Hyeres International Festival of Fashion & Photography
Hyeres, France

3 May - Spot Festival, Aarhus, Denmark

8-10 May - The Great Escape, Brighton

7 June - Field Day, London

20 June - Best Kept Secret Festival, Netherlands

6-8 Nov - Iceland Airwaves, Iceland

And then a memorial photo from my room/studio what I'm going to leave behind pretty soon. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tiny Holland Tour

Next week I will be in Holland. Playing.

15 January, Groningen, Eurosonic, De Spieghel 2000
16 January, Groningen, Eurosonic, Forum Images 2300
17 January, Amsterdam Subbacultcha!: De Nieuwe Anita 
18 January, Rotterdam, Worm

"No End" music video

A music video for "No End" by Harley Weir.
Shot in the highlands of Scotland.